As an on-the-go professional and busy mom, when I am looking for services or information I need it to be accessible via my smartphone. I don’t generally have time to sit down at my computer and look it up later. If I’m searching for it on my phone, it means I need the information right then so I can take action. When I encounter a website that doesn’t work on my smartphone or is hard to navigate — I move on. That’s business lost for one person, and gained for another.

A 2015 study done by Catalyst showed that 68 per cent of Canadians now own smartphones, that’s up from 24 per cent the year earlier. Also, at-home smartphone usage has risen. What does this mean for your business? As people choose to use their smartphones over a desktop or laptop more and more, the need to have a website that is responsive (this mean it works well and looks good on any device) is no longer an added bonus, it’s an expectation…Read more.