9 wicked writing tips to make your blog better

9 wicked writing tips to make your blog better

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Writing well is a skill. Making words sound good as they flow together is one thing, getting the meaning across is another. Educating the reader, getting your meaning across and keeping them engaged (and looking for more) should be the ultimate goal of any business blog post.

No matter if you write for a living, do it as one part of your job or — dare I say — for fun, separate your writing from the amateurs by using pro techniques. Here are 9 tips that will help make your blog posts more effective and the whole writing process easier.

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1. One topic per blog post, one idea per paragraph, one thought per sentence. Follow the guide to avoid rambling.

Write actively-blog-tip

Use the active voice. It makes your writing more powerful.

2. Use the active voice to make your words more powerful.”I won the race” as opposed to “The race was won by me.”

3. Give flight to your words by adding facts to back them up. Opinions are great, but make them stronger by backing them up with facts.

4. Get rid of unnecessary adjectives and only use words that add meaning. All friends are personal, all surprises are unexpected, etc.

5. Avoid cliches, even if you think they sound cool. Just don’t use them.

6. Know the point you want to make before you start writing. It makes the whole process easier.

7. Don’t attempt to edit your work before you’ve given it time to settle. Write, walk away, edit. Repeat if needed.

8. Make your point then explain. Don’t use three paragraphs to lead into what it is your want to say. If someone only reads the first paragraph, make sure they leave with something useful.

9. If you know what you want to say — just write. Revise later. You can’t edit what’s not on the page.

April Scott-Clarke
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